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Tooth decay is a common problem that can lead to tooth loss, but it's also preventable.Brushing your teeth regularly and visiting the dentist for regular checkups are important ways to prevent tooth decay. However, sometimes you need more than good oral hygiene habits in order to save an infected tooth from being removed.

A dental filling is a way of restoring a tooth that's been damaged by decay in order to bring it back to its normal functionality. Before the dental filling is inserted, the decay and buildup will be removed and the tooth will be cleaned by your dentist. This cavity filling process prevents bacteria from affecting the tooth which prevents further decay. Regular teeth cleanings can help prevent the need for dental fillings.

If you are showing any signs of tooth decay, or have pain in any of your teeth, it’s time to see the dentist as soon as possible. Contact Dr. Lee Simon, DDS in Erie, PA to schedule an appointment!

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Reasons You Need A Dental Filling

Avoid Tooth Removal

If your tooth is in distress from decay (causing discomfort), a filling can save your tooth from being removed, which can be costly and painful.

Restore Your Smile

A dental cavity filling restores the tooth to its normal functioning ability. Additionally, dental fillings are less invasive than general treatments.

Remedy Pain

A dental filling can be inserted after the decay is removed which will restore a tooth back to its normal functionality without pain or discomfort.

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Get Your Cavity Fillings in Erie, PA

At Dr. Lee Simon DDS, we offer different types of dental fillings as one of our solutions for treating decayed teeth that have cavities, a previous cavity filling, or other damage caused by dental disease or trauma. Dental fillings look just like natural enamel on your teeth and resist breaking down over time which means they'll last longer than silver amalgam fillings do while still restoring the strength of your damaged tooth so you can enjoy its original functionality again without worrying about losing the rest of it to further decay. 

You'll be able to smile confidently knowing that no one will notice when something is wrong with your mouth because it's so natural-looking! We offer free consultations for all new patients who would like more information on how we can help them achieve their best possible smile.

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What is a dental filling?

The term “filling” is used to describe a process that restores a damaged tooth by removing decay, cleaning, shaping and polishing the affected area, and refilling the tooth with filling material to restore its normal functionality and appearance.

Filling materials may be either dental amalgam or dental composite. They both contain a mixture of dental-grade chemicals and powdered metals, and form hard, durable and natural-looking restorations to replace lost tooth structure.

What is the cavity filling process?
How long does it take to fill a tooth?