Oral Cancer Screenings in Erie, PA

Give you and your loved ones the best chance possible by getting an early oral cancer screening. Dr. Lee Simon and his professional dental staff provide free oral cancer screenings in Erie, PA. Oral cancer can start anywhere in the mouth including the lips, cheeks, teeth, gums, tongue, the roof of the mouth, and even certain parts of the throat. Every year, about 42,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. It's important to get regular oral cancer screenings as part of your typical preventative dental care routine, especially if your family is more prone to receive it. If you have questions about our free oral cancer screenings in Erie, PA, contact our dental office today.

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Why Should You Get a Free Oral Cancer Screening?

Early Detection is Key

Cancer may be present before symptoms begin. Routine screenings can help you catch oral cancer early, and increase the survival rate.

Everyone is at Risk

Even if you are not an elderly smoker, you may still be at risk for oral cancer. There's still much to be learned. Play it safe. Get screened today.

 Screenings are Fast and Free

Oral cancer screenings are fast and free to get at your dentist in Erie, PA. Because of this simplicity, there's no reason not to get screened.


 Have Questions?

What do the early stages of oral cancer look like?

In its early stages, oral cancer patients rarely cite pain as a symptom. Instead, the first symptoms of oral cancer are flat patches of dead cells on the tongue, gums, mouth and cheeks. Canker sores that don’t heal are common. Look for sores that look like ulcers with white, gray, or yellow centers and red edges. 

Can you die from oral cancer?
How can you protect against oral cancer?
What is an oral cancer screening like?
How often should you get an oral cancer screening?

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