Digital Dental X-Rays in Erie, PA

Dental x-rays are an essential part of a routine dental care treatment plan. They help dentists diagnose common problems such as cavities, gum disease, and wisdom teeth growth.

Although there are different types of x-rays, the most common type of dental x-ray are intraoral x-rays. We utilize intraoral x-rays at Dr. Lee Simon’s office to provide a detailed picture of the inside of the tooth and bone. Typically, dental x-rays are needed every 2 years or so and are taken during a regular dental exam visit.

Digital dental x-rays are safe and involve a very minimal amount of radiation exposure. We take precautions by providing radiation-reducing lead aprons and a highly-trained staff to ensure the x-rays are done quickly and efficiently. If you have further questions about dental x-rays, contact the dental office of Dr. Lee Simon in Erie, PA.

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What can Dental X-Rays Detect?

Cavities and Tooth Decay

Dental x-rays allow for dentists to assess a tooth both inside and beneath the gums. This includes cavities and tooth decay that may be otherwise hidden during a dental examination.

Overall Bone and Tissue Health

Digital x-rays give an insightful look into the overall health of the bone, tissues, and roots. They help dentists realize the overall health of the nerves or enamel on the teeth, and find abscesses.

Impaction and Other Jaw Problems

Since x-rays allow dentists to see inside the gums and bones, it is possible to diagnose impacted teeth, jaw misalignments or damage, and teeth still hidden in the gums (such as wisdom teeth).


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What to Expect When Getting X-Rays From the Dentist

Radiation exposure from digital dental x-rays is very minimal and safe. All dental hygienists and assistants are trained in taking x-rays to provide you with the best safety and quality of photos during the x-rays. Intraoral x-rays typically require the patient to insert the sensor into their mouth in various areas of the mouth in order to get clear pictures of all teeth and bone. Sometimes an extraoral scan, which rotates 360 degrees around the head, is also necessary to take thorough images. Both procedures only take a few minutes and are not painful at all. Patients can expect x-rays to be quick, easy, and comfortable when they go to Dr. Lee Simon in Erie, PA.

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Do digital dental x-rays hurt?

Digital dental x-rays do not hurt. For those with smaller mouths, the intraoral x-ray device can be slightly uncomfortable depending on its position in the mouth, but it should not be painful. The procedure is not extensive, so the discomfort is over quickly.

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