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Are you in the process of making a decision about an important dental care treatment and wondering, “can I get a second opinion from a dentist?” Yes! Getting a second opinion about a dental procedure can be one of the most important decisions a person can make. Sometimes the first opinion is wrong for a variety of reasons. If you believe there are more answers out there, have questions that are still unanswered, or have a feeling that the proposed course of treatment isn’t right for you, you should find a second opinion dentist to ease your worries.

Dr. Lee Simon provides second opinions to patients in Erie, PA. He has a variety of diagnostic tools and uses the latest dental technology. Dr. Lee Simon approaches dental care with a fresh set of eyes to provide meaningful second opinions intended to help patients feel confident that they are receiving the proper care. Contact the dental office of Dr. Lee Simon to schedule a second opinion exam in Erie, PA today.

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Why Consider Getting a Second Opinion

 Your comfort

Not every dentist is a perfect fit for every patient. Feeling comfortable with your dentist and their recommendations is a crucial part of receiving dental care that reduces pain and suffering.

 A gut feeling

Sometimes we just know that something doesn’t feel right. If the first opinion you receive about your dental care doesn’t seem right, you should consider seeing a second opinion dentist.

 The cost/savings

Dental care and procedures are expensive. If the proposed course of treatment at your primary dental office doesn’t fit your budget, exploring other options is an important next step.


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Procedures That Often Require Second Opinions

 While routine dental care and procedures don’t often require second opinions, there are more advanced courses of treatment that benefit from a fresh set of eyes, and the diagnostic tools available to experienced second opinion dentists. Patients should consider getting a second opinion from a dentist if they plan to have their wisdom teeth removed or undergo another type of dental extraction, are looking at options for dental implants or dentures, or need to find out if braces or Invisalign are best for them.

A general rule of thumb to help determine if you should get a second opinion is this: 

  • Get a second opinion if the procedure is advanced or invasive 
  • Consult a second opinion dentist if the treatment is expensive
  • Look for a second opinion if you don’t know all your options

 Have Questions?

Should I get a second opinion on a root canal?

Yes, you should at least consider getting a second opinion on a root canal. Second opinions are a wonderful way to confirm a diagnosis. And considering how uncomfortable and invasive a root canal is, it is important to make sure that it is the proper course of action before undergoing root canal treatments.

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